Escuminac maple syrup flavors, a question of harvest period

Have you ever wondered what impacts the flavor of maple syrup? You will notice that our Escuminac pure maple syrup comes in different flavors which include our Escuminac Extra Rare, our Escuminac Great Harvest and finally Escuminac Late Harvest.

The distinct taste of each maple syrup is dependent on the time that the maple sap is harvested in the season.

  • Escuminac Extra Rare : Escuminac extra rare maple syrup is produced in very small quantities. Golden in color, it is the mildest in our range. This pure maple syrup is produced exclusively with sap harvested during the first days of the run.
  • Escuminac Great Harvest : Escuminac great harvest amber maple syrup is the most popular in our range. This is an incredibly refined and rich pure maple syrup harvested during the middle of the season.
  • Escuminac Late Harvest : Intensely dark robust, it is purely delicious. With its suggestion of rye, caramel and roasted sugar, it is perfect for your recipes. This pure maple syrup is produced exclusively with sap harvested on the final days of the season.
The flavor of maple syrup is thus related to when the sap of the maple tree is harvested